Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

“In this dirty old part of the city, where the Sun refuse to shine, people tell me there ain’t no use in trying… Now my girl you’re so young and pretty and one thing I know is true, you’ll be dead before your time is due, I know… Watch my daddy in bed and tired, watch his hair been turning gray, he’s been working and slaving his life away, oh yes, I know it… He’s been working so hard. I’ve been working too babe. Every night and day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! We gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do. We gotta get out of this place, ‘cause girl, there’s a better life for me and you. Now my girl you’re so young and pretty and one thing I know is true, yeah! You’ll be dead before your time is due, I know it… Watch my daddy in bed and tired, watch his hair been turning gray, he’s been working and slaving his life away, I know he’s been working so hard. I’ve been working too babe. Every day baby. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! We gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do… We gotta get out of this place, girl, there’s a better life for me and you… Somewhere baby, somehow I know it baby. We gotta get out of this place, if its the last thing we ever do… We gotta get out of this place, girl, there’s a better life for me and you… Believe me baby. I know it baby. You know it too”. (“We gotta get out of this place” by The Animals).

The G20 has just finished, with lots of promises and false purposes. The “sentence” has been emitted by the worldwide Elitebut I’m sure, as usual, that nothing’s gonna change for the masses…

Today, it’s not necessary to be a Socialist to admit that Capitalism is collapsing. All around the world a “new way” is coming to change this sick “Global System”. Unfortunately, it seems not to be the right way… Markets and Stock Exchanges are still suffering the effects of the Financial and Economic Crisis, unemployment is rising more and more, while some Countries are sinking under their debts. I’m referring to Greece on permanent strike, for example. But I’m referring to Italy too. My beloved Italy is forced to sink under incapacity and “jokes” of its Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (it’s useless to remind, once again, his judiciary endless troubles…).

Everywhere, Governments don’t work for people and for common well-being and politicians don’t respect citizen’s will, because they prefer to “sell themselves” to the Corporations and to avoid to lose their Power. No more Honesty, no more Honor…

As electors, we live the illusion to participate and to choose… We believe in Democracy, but the truth is that we are all slaves of “Technocracy” and its decisions. It seems that there’s no more chance for us to expect a different future. A common future of Freedom, Opportunity, Probity, Equality, Justice and Solidarity.

Anyway, I didn’t lose my hope for a change and I won’t.

The U.S. has lost some influence with the rest of the global community. Despite everything they are still leading the world. This is the reason why, after two years, I decided to publish the letter I sent to the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, to express my opinion about what I don’t like of this sad situation (even if I’m a little disappointed, because I didn’t get a response, or a specific comment, to my letter).

I wanna share it with anybody, from Rome to Washington, from Seattle to Melbourne, because I think that the problems I analyzed “yesterday”, represent the same problems of today. You may consider people-powered movements (Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Together and so on) to understand what i mean.

I believe in the Butterfly Effect. I’m sure that “the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas”… I wanna be that butterfly like lots of others “illuminated souls”…

We are the 99%… Don’t forget it!

Dear Mr. President,

I represent common man’s frustration, so I would like to describe my sentiment about the world we are living in. I was born outside the United States, but I grew up following my “American dream”.

We know that Democracy is the political system in which people choose their Governments by voting for them in elections. We know also that Oligarchy is a form of Government in which Power effectively rests with a small élite segment of society distinguished by royal, wealth, intellectual, family, military or religious Hegemony.

When I was a child I did not understand the reason why I always listened talking about crisis.

Now, I know that everywhere, oligarchies prefer to avoid finding some effective measures to solve social and economic problems of the citizens. It’s more useful to leave people living in the hope for a better tomorrow. I think also that the social-economic model we are living in, it’s only an artificious creation and it doesn’t work for the good of people.

I would like to remind you, the words of an old English politician.

More or less, he said:

“…Everything began with Democracy. Before we got the right to vote, the power was in the hands of rich people. By the money you had health care, instruction, social welfare, etc. etc.

Democracy gave the right vote to the poor people and it moved the power from Markets to the polling stations; from the economic power to the vote.

I think Democracy is the most revolutionary idea all over the world. It’s more revolutionary than Socialism or every other kind of revolution, because if you get the power, you use it to satisfy your needs and common needs. Choices to take depend on the freedom to choose, but when you cannot solve your debts you aren’t free to take choices…

For Political Systems is better that middle class workers is full of debts, because indebted people are demoralized people and demoralized people don’t vote. If poor people could decide to join themselves, voting for a candidate able to represent their interests, we could look a real Democratic Revolution. Political Systems don’t want this Revolution and they try to keep pessimistic people.

There are two ways of gaining power over others. You may terrorize them or you may demoralize them. If people enjoy a good health, living in a cultured and confident nation, they are too difficult to govern.

I think that someone follows a personal theory and they don’t want a cultured, sane and confident nation because it would be impossible to control.

1% of world population owns 80% of the wealth. It’s incredible that people acquiesce to that situation, but they are poor, they are demoralized, they are terrorized, so they think that the most safe thing to do it’s only to be ruled, learning from yesterday, living for today, waiting for tomorrow…”.

Are we really the key for a change?

I decided to write you, because I’m still sure you are the man will “change” our times by adjusting all this mad world.

Lots of my friends lost their job, like thousands of other employees and workers in Italy and in America did, in consequence of the fall of the markets caused by financial crisis. Every day I try to give my contribution for a fair world.

Even if I’m aware that I am only “Mr. Nobody”, I believe in the possibility to operate all together for a better tomorrow. I see a future of peace, where the “keys” will be: collaboration between the Nations, solidarity, justice and a more equitable distribution of wealth (when the current password is “money”).

I have no doubt you know that all we need is a new deal between Politicians and citizens, against Economic abuses.

I have some “simple” ideas to defeat the actual economic recession and to avoid the next one.

I think it’s unbelievable that although years go by, with their stories, their hopes and with the hard lives of people, Politics and Economics remain consciously, coldly and impassively fixed in front to the passing of events. In the same way, it’s a shame that some Representatives of these powers (people grown among false promises and ancient ideal postulates that may everything do, but that nothing do) insist to say that they operate and they rule in the name of the common good… In fact, they usually prefer to put money in their pockets, as soon as they catch an appetizing opportunity.

Years go by and many pages of the book of the History are written, but 1% of world population owns 80% of the world wealth in spite of fairness, solidarity and freedom (as usual)…

I see every day that absurd reality and every time I understand that Democracy is not the first thought of the developed world. I remember Tony Benn’s words, when he said that Participation and Democracy become illusions, if people cannot solve its economic problems…

The world prefers to turn around its big, enormous, or stupid problems, rather than finding any solutions to them.

I know that every day lots of citizens give their contribution to God, to their Country, to their family, to themselves, trying to help their fellows. I know also that being equal is not easy, looking to our life style, without the risk to be suspected to be a Revolutionary…

But today, everywhere I put my eyes, I see only resignation on people faces. A vicious circle that make the fortune of lobbies and some political groups… 

…Yes, of course! I mean “Kings of the world”, statesmen, tycoons. It’s not important if they live in “Agarthy” or in a chaotic metropolis; it’s not important if they work in Wall Street or in the City; it’s not important if they govern Italy, Iran, Israel, U.S.A. , etc. etc.

The greed of someone seems to be like a timing bomb, ready to destroy everything!

I don’t believe in a “conspiracy hypothesis”, but I’m sure that the general disaffection to the social activities (and to the Politics) is only the consequence of the will of a small group of persons, affecting international economy and high finance.

If someone would find an effective solution to the world’s problems, he should begin by a deep change of the Market Economy.

I can only suggest:

– Adoption of Tobin Tax;

– Nationalization or strict public control of some strategic productive industries (Energy, Communications, Pharmaceutical, Water, Health, etc. etc.). It should permit to safeguard people instead of feeding Corporations.

– Reforming of Stock Exchanges and companies’ laws. It’s evident that the lack of a solid connection between Properties and Administrations, may involve economic problems and also working ones, destabilizing the firms. It’s also evident, that Stock Exchanges are the center of financial speculations, instead of the “key” for the enterprise developing. I think it should be forbidden to grant Stock Options to the managers and I think also that workers should take part in companies’ managing. Higher or unproductive Revenues should be taxed.

– Adoption of a World Ordinary Currency (WOC). I think that a new era is already begun. It’s time to put away U.S. Dollar, Euro, Yen and Yuan. A globalized world needs a common financial action against each form of crisis. An action that would be agreeable to all could assure a general and sustainable development and an international trade without the weight of import duties, (safeguarding young workers and women; offering higher salaries). It’s time to involve all the Countries in each decision because G8 is a memory of the past, while G20 is not enough.

Maybe I’m just a dreamer, or maybe I’m stupid, but I think these are some useful ideas to assure our common future. 

I don’t think that the safest thing to do is to be ruled, learning from yesterday, living for today, waiting for tomorrow….

You are the only hope for a new world. I still trust in you.

Thank you for your kind availability.

Yours faithfully”.


P.S.: “If all economists were laid end to end, they would not reach a conclusion”. George Bernard Shaw

“People have the Power… Power to the people”!